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Connect with Nature

The Giffre Valley is overflowing with life.

The river from which it bears the name keeps its wild aspect, the omnipresent waterfalls, those of the

Cirque du Fer à Cheval or the famous Cascade du Rouget ,

also called the Queen of the Alps,

bring it freshness during the beautiful season.

Its green forests, its mountain lakes

including the most famous lakes of Anterne and Vogealle,

the mystical Pic de Tenneverge , the chain of Fiz

or the Dents Blanches massif with its steep cliffs and rocks with improbable shapes, suspended mountain pastures, the richness of fauna and flora ...

Protected by the Sixt-Passy Nature Reserve,

before our eyes

all these elements are there, as an invitation

to reconnect with them,

to reconnect with the Nature.

The goal of my approach

is to bring you a new perspective

on the living world, which surrounds us;

the one we have separated from

when we are an integral part of it.

 I invite you to immerse yourself

in glorious mountainous landscapes,

to experience the welcoming sweetness of the forest

and to explore the hidden Universes,

yet before our eyes and under our feet.

Wonder will be the key word of our adventure.



For any reservation contact us through this contact form.

For information or clarification please use the chat which is located at the bottom right of your page.

Thank you for your interest !

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